FriMi and Helios to Provide Buy Now Pay Later Solution to all FriMians

FriMi, Sri Lanka’s first fully featured digital banking platform powered by Nations Trust Bank, has recently partnered with Helios to offer new Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) features and seasonal promotions at selected merchants.

Sanjaya Senarath, Chief Marketing Officer of Nations Trust Bank said, “FriMi has always been at the forefront of enabling effortless lifestyles to customers and we’re excited to collaborate with Helios to continue making our customer’s lives even more effortless with this innovative BNPL solution. Perfectly timed with the festive season, this collaboration will increase the purchasing power of all FriMians, allowing them to make the most out of their holiday.”

FriMians can enjoy the BNPL facility at Singer, SINGHE Furniture, Bara Stereo, Redline, Keells and Cool Planet for products valued up to Rs. 200,000 with monthly installments of up to 12 months. Furthermore, they can take advantage of discounts of up to 35% off through Helios using the Lifestyle section of the FriMi app when making purchases from the above-mentioned introductory merchants.

Nuzhi Meyen, Co-founder of Helios P2P added, “Revolutionizing the consumer credit industry with the use of innovative secure technology is what we stand for at Helios. Having a partner like FriMi, backed by Nations Trust Bank, will surely take our buy now pay later facilities to new heights. We look forward to continuing our valued partnership beyond the festive season in hopes of providing the financial opportunity and access to every Sri Lankan.”

Using the FriMi Lifestyle section in-app, FriMians can effortlessly apply for a Buy Now Pay Later facility from Helios without a hassle, and we encourage all FriMians to enjoy this new convenience. BNPL merchants can contact Helios or FriMi if they are interested in offering their customers an effortless BNPL solution.

Fawry and Classera Collaborate to Promote Digital Payments in Egypt’s Educational Sector

Fawry, a well-known fintech and banking services provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Classera, a leader in teaching and distance learning technologies, to improve e-payment services and integrate Fawry and Classera Cpay digital payment solutions.

Mr. Hossam Ezz, Chief Commercial Officer of Fawry, said, “At “Fawry,” we are always looking for partnerships with major leading institutions in different fields, and “Classera” is one of these institutions.”

He added, “By combining our services, we will cooperate to enhance digital payment solutions in educational technologies. During this relationship, we will give students the newest integrated financial technologies through our channels to expedite the payment of fees”. He also called this a “wonderful addition to ‘Fawry’ and the start of expansion in this sector.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Classera. Mohammed Al-Madani, said, “We just finished one of the largest funding rounds a company that had never received funding before had done in the EdTech industry. With our Learning Super Platform LSP, we are taking the E-learning experience to new heights. It complements our cutting-edge learning management system with many other supporting technologies such as EduMalls, the education eCommerce platform, C Smarter ERP, CPay education online payment gateway, and many others.”

“Today, we’re happy to announce that our partnership with Fawry, a leader in digital transformation, cashless communities, and electronic payments in Egypt, is growing. Our goal is to digitize the learning experience and increase the number of places that accept electronic payments so that we can offer the next generation of seamless e-learning solutions.”

As a result of this collaboration, “Fawry” offers Classera customers all technological solutions and integrated digital payment services through more than 300,000 “Fawry” POS terminals. All governorates have “myfawry” apps and “FawryPlus” branches to make it easier for students to pay their tuition fees and to automate payment systems to reduce cash transactions.

Mr. Ahmed Fahmy, Commercial Director at Fawry, said, “We are delighted to cooperate with ‘Classera’ to develop e-payment services in the field of educational technology and to give students and trainees a simple and entirely safe way to pay by integrating ‘Fawry’ and ‘Classera CPay’ solutions.”

He continued, “Fawry is looking forward to making more partnerships in different areas to expand our customer base and success partners and help the country move toward digital transformation and financial inclusion.”

Galaxy Announces to Acquire Helios Bitcoin Mining Facility From Argo Blockchain

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., a top provider of financial services and investment management with a focus on digital assets, is about to acquire the Helios facility from the world’s largest cryptocurrency miner Argo Blockchain. The acquisition, which includes all Argo-related operations at the Texas-based Helios facility, will cost approximately $65 million.

In addition, Galaxy has agreed to provide Argo with a $35 million senior-secured loan, with the loan being secured by, among other things, Argo’s mining equipment. The two companies signed a hosting agreement that allows Argo to store its mining equipment for two years.

Galaxy Digital Holdings President and CIO Chris Ferraro said: “The acquisition of Helios represents a new stage over our two-year journey in bitcoin mining that increases our operating scale and breadth of solutions, creating sustainable value for the biggest decentralized digital asset network and shareholders alike.”

Galaxy anticipates acquiring up to 800 megawatts (MW) of mining power from Helios. This deal will hasten Galaxy’s own efforts to expand its Bitcoin mining business. This will consist of the business’s personal and hosted Bitcoin mining infrastructure. Galaxy intends to continue using Helios as its primary mining facility and to keep the facility’s management staff on board.