Zenbase Collaborates with Mainstreet Equity  

Zenbase, a leading fintech company, has announced a partnership with Mainstreet Equity, a real estate company, to offer flexible rent payment alternatives to tenants in more than 16,500 units in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The new system, which will be rolled out in the coming months, will allow tenants to pay their rent on a schedule that works best for them, rather than the traditional monthly model. 

Residents can divide their monthly rent into two instalments with the help of the personal budgeting tool offered by Zenbase. In addition to easing their residents’ financial burden, this enables Mainstreet to provide even more value to its residents. 

Koray Can Oztekin, CEO and Founder of Zenbase, said, “We collaborate with like-minded companies who want to improve the financial health of their residents by offering our powerful budgeting tool. Mainstreet has embraced our solution to empower their residents to make budgeting easier with increased cash flow for other expenses between paychecks while never having to worry about paying their full rent on the 1st of the month.” 

The new system will allow tenants to choose from a variety of payment options, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments. Tenants will also have the ability to change their payment schedule at any time, giving them complete control over their rent payments. 

“Zenbase has delivered an easy-to-use and convenient payment option that has proven to be valuable for our residents, helping to relieve financial pressures by splitting rent payments throughout the month. Our residents are important to us, so Mainstreet will continue to explore innovative means to support the communities we serve and improve the housing affordability experience for our residents”, said Trina Cui, CFO of Mainstreet Equity.  

The partnership between Zenbase and Mainstreet Equity is the latest in a series of collaborations between fintech and real estate companies, as both industries continue to seek out innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers. The new rent payment system will be available to tenants at all of Mainstreet Equity’s properties in the coming months, and the company is already planning to expand the service to more properties in the future.  

Zenbase and Mainstreet Equity’s collaboration will significantly benefit the tenants who are struggling with financial instability and will provide them with an alternative to the traditional monthly rent payment model. This move is a step forward in providing financial flexibility to renters who are facing financial difficulties. 

In conclusion, the partnership between Zenbase and Mainstreet Equity is a major step forward in the fintech and real estate industries, providing tenants with more control over their finances and landlords with a more streamlined management process. The innovative rent payment system is expected to be highly successful and is likely to be adopted by other companies in the future. 

Bitget Introduces Fund Custody Service  

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its Fund Custody Service, a new feature designed to elevate the safety of users’ assets. The service is aimed at providing users with a secure and reliable way to store their digital assets, and it is expected to be particularly popular among institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. 

The launch of the Fund Custody Service is the latest move by Bitget to establish itself as a leading player in the cryptocurrency space. The company has already made a name for itself with its advanced trading platform, which offers a wide range of trading pairs and a highly responsive user interface. 

Users must store a total of 100,000 USD worth of assets on the platform (including spot, futures, Bitget Earn, fiat cash, and leverage) in order to be eligible for the Fund Custody service. The user will then be given a separate custodial wallet with its own dedicated address to check balances and withdraw money that is not part of the main reserve, once the application has been granted. 

The Fund Custody Service is built on top of Bitget’s state-of-the-art security infrastructure, which includes multi-signature wallets, cold storage, and real-time monitoring. The service also features a comprehensive insurance policy, which covers users’ assets against loss or theft. 

In addition to its security features, the Fund Custody Service also offers a range of other benefits. These include the ability to customize trading strategies, and the option to participate in OTC trades and other exclusive investment opportunities. 

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, said, “Protecting our customers’ assets is, and always will be, our top priority at Bitget. Ever since the collapse of some bad actors in the industry, we have taken a series of initiatives for heightened protection. In addition to the security offered with our US$300 million Bitget Protection Fund and Merkle tree Proof of Reserves, we are proud to announce our Fund Custody service. The new service, equipped with industry-grade security systems and dedicated wallet addresses for qualified users, shall further foster transparency and elevate safety for our users and their funds.” 

In addition to the Fund Custody Service, Bitget also plans to launch a number of other new features in the coming months. These include an enhanced mobile app, a new API, and a range of educational resources to help users navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency. 

Overall, the launch of the Fund Custody Service is a major milestone for Bitget and is expected to help the company attract even more users and solidify its position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency market. 

BFC Payments Announces Partnership with M2P Fintech  

BFC Payments, the FinTech arm of BFC Group Holdings W.L.L., recently partnered with M2P Fintech, an API infrastructure business, to introduce an innovative multicurrency card, BFC PAY TRAVEL BUDDY, that gives international travellers flexibility and convenience by allowing fast top-ups, immediate currency conversion, worldwide shopping, dining, and more. M2P Fintech provides the card’s technology stack, and Visa Platinum serves as the network partner. 

Davis Parakal, General Manager, BFC Payments, said, “For Travel Buddy, we wanted to offer our customers a superior digital experience. Everything is done instantly through the BFC Pay mobile app, whether applying for the card, loading the money or buying FX. We want customers to travel cash-free and give them the most cost-effective solution on all their international spending, be it booking tickets online or shopping while you travel.”  

A secure and convenient digital payment method, like the multi-currency prepaid card, is essential for travellers, given the increase in business and leisure travel following the pandemic. The BFC Pay Travel Buddy card’s capacity to rapidly load BHD and transfer to five different currencies in the wallet at favourable exchange rates is a key benefit in this regard. The ability to safeguard the forex (FX) rate when converting the currency is provided by the exchange rate lock feature. BFC Pay Travel Buddy Card uses the greatest features of M2P’s “Cards Suite” to offer customers quick, secure, and convenient payment options. 

“We are excited to partner with BFC Payments to offer the multicurrency travel card. M2P’s Cards Suites, which enable over 30 million payment instruments in Asia, has innovation at its heart. The versatility of prepaid travel cards is just another illustration of M2P’s ability to develop tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse requirements of consumers and maximize customer delight”, commented Vaanathi Mohanakrishnan, Business Head, MENA, M2P Fintech.  

Nebeus Launches Virtual VISA Debit Card  

Nebeus, a blockchain-based platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies, has launched a virtual VISA debit card. The virtual VISA debit card, which can be used for online shopping and other transactions, allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies as easily as they would spend traditional currency. 

Nebeus offers a financial framework with customers’ personal EU IBANs and UK Sort code accounts connected to a full crypto ecosystem. While Nebeus Money Accounts operate just like a bank, Nebeus Crypto Accounts give customers access to a digital wallet. It also offers them the ability to borrow bitcoin and earn rewards for doing so, as well as free guaranteed cold storage for their digital assets. 

One of the key features of the Nebeus virtual VISA debit card is that it allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies in a more convenient and accessible way. Rather than having to convert their digital assets into fiat currency and then spend it, users can now use the card to make purchases directly. This means that users can take advantage of the value of their cryptocurrencies without having to go through the process of converting them. 

The virtual VISA debit card is also a great solution for people who prefer to use digital currencies for online shopping or other transactions. With the Nebeus debit card, consumers can make purchases directly from their Nebeus accounts while combining the advantages of VISA. The card is offered in European markets and connects to Nebeus Money Account. The Nebeus virtual VISA debit card is linked to a user’s cryptocurrency wallet on the platform and can be used to make purchases at any VISA-accepted merchant. The card can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and make transfers to other accounts. 

The card comes with a variety of features that make it easy to manage and monitor transactions. Users can view their transaction history, check their account balance, and receive notifications of transactions in real-time. The card also has a built-in security feature that prevents unauthorized access. 

The launch of the virtual VISA debit card is a major step forward for Nebeus as it helps to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies. The card is a great solution for anyone who wants to make the most of their digital assets and have more control over their financial transactions. 

Michael Stroev, COO and Head of Product, Nebeus said, “We are delighted to keep innovating in payments by increasing the accessibility of digital assets across the ecosystem. With this, Nebeus reaches another level of integration and offers a solid connection of everyday payments with superior crypto services. It is an illustration of the enormous complementarity between the current banking system and digital assets”. 

The Nebeus virtual VISA debit card is available to users in selected countries, and users can apply for the card directly on the Nebeus platform. The company plans to expand the availability of the card to more countries in the near future. 

Iivi Bank Launches Iivi Business for Hong Kong’s SME Entrepreneurs 

livi bank, Hong Kong’s lifestyle-driven virtual bank, announced the soft launch of livi Business as it expands its capabilities to support Hong Kong’s small and medium enterprises (‘SMEs’). 

To help business owners take advantage of the most recent advancements in digital financial services, livi Business intends to provide a fully automated mobile banking experience. Beginning with a market-first feature that enables SME customers to open a new livi Business account in as less as one working day, this experience is first-rated. With a 20-minute application process and 24/7 account openings on the livi App, livi Business offers SME account openings without the need for paperwork. This hassle-free account-establishing process allows SMEs to focus on expanding their company rather than wasting time on administrative banking tasks.  

“livi’s SME mobile banking experience is set to disrupt the market as on-the-go entrepreneurs can manage their business and personal accounts all in one app. Our extensive customer research has told us that our SME customers want simple, transparent and reliable banking services. Our experienced SME team understands just how limited current banking offerings are, and it’s our mission to create a new normal by revolutionizing the market”, said Eve Lin, Head of Strategy and Segment Management, SME, Iivi Bank.  

Following a successful Sandbox trial that was concluded in December 2022, livi Business has already onboarded over 100 SME customers, and consumer response has been favorable. 

David Sun, Chief Executive Officer, Iivi Bank, said, “livi Business brings the best of livi’s technological capabilities to the SME experience, making banking fast and easy for our business customers. We are excited to introduce our game-changing fully-digital account-opening journey that addresses the pain-points experienced by SME customers. With business activity in Hong Kong poised for an upturn, we plan to extend our SME offerings in the coming months in areas such as lending and trade financing. With our vision of supporting financial inclusion, livi Business will empower SMEs to focus on what they do best, building their businesses and driving growth.”