A Complete Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is Now Available from Airswift

A Complete Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is Now Available from Airswift
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Airswift, a leading FinTech company pioneering Web 3.0 native payment solutions, announced the release of Airswift Connect, a full-stack payment gateway that easily integrates with merchants’ online stores to allow them to accept cryptocurrency globally.

Dr. Yan Zhang, co-founder, and CEO of Airswift, said, “Airswift customers benefit from our proven track record of safely managing billion-dollar transaction volumes using our enterprise-level, Web 3.0 native financial infrastructure. Moreover, Connect has a robust fund management system that gives our customers an extra layer of financial protection.”

Connect offers lower transaction fees than credit card payments, enabling online retailers to settle their digital currency assets to stablecoin or fiat daily. Connect is also simple to integrate with websites and apps; for the quickest and most straightforward integration process, merchants can use the gateway’s plugin for Shopify or WooCommerce. Alternatively, they can use Connect’s API tool to fully customize their online checkout.

The Airswift team incorporated its vast expertise in international payment gateways and enterprise-level crypto payment infrastructure when creating the “Connect” gateway. Thus, Connect has a merchant workspace that enables merchants to easily keep track of cryptocurrency assets and perform financial reconciliation. Airswift merchants profit from cost-effective, same-day off-ramps, integrated DeFi services, and a seamless path to crypto acceptance.

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