Aegis Custody and Cosmos Network partner together for asset management

Aegis Custody and Cosmos Network partner together for asset management
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Aegis Custody, one of the most well-known qualified custodians for digital assets in the United States that offers technology with client-oriented and regulatory-compliant aspects and integrated custodial blockchain solutions, collaborated with Cosmos network, the ecosystem involved in interconnecting different unique assets and data through decentralized blockchain by applying custody the treasury protocols which is a collaborative and decentralized mechanism for funding of the blockchain. Along with its ongoing support of custody and staking, Aegis is operating a wide range of protocols from cosmos and also behaving as a custodian for the respective assets.

As the financial industry goes through a global transition, the adoption of digital assets to mainstream services is encouraged by growing demand. A large number of businesses and individual investors recognize cryptocurrencies and other digital assets as valuable as conventional assets since it continues to expand in their collective value. They take interest in owning these assets at as less risk as possible. Financial institutions are pressured to incorporate digital assets in their services. Crypto asset custody is gaining wind in the fintech industry as it gets more mainstream. The bank of New York Mellon (BNY), the oldest bank in the US, announced its newly opened crypto custody service. Since regulating the blockchain solution is the need of the hour, Aegis is extending its commitment to cosmos network through custody and entrusted staking of assets such as SOMM, ATOM, AXL, BLD, EVMOS, NYM, and OSMO.

Serra Wei, CEO and Founder of Aegis Custody said: “As we continue to see distributed ledgers mature, custodians are going to take on a more prominent role in terms of ensuring trust for all stakeholders.” She further explains, “Aegis provides the solution to help bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital asset management, and we are thrilled to continue to support one of the most exciting ecosystems in the space, Cosmos, through custody and staking. We will continue to strive to bring value and solidify our commitment to Cosmos.”

Over the course of several months, Aegis Custody has joined hands with key players in the fintech industry, such as Coinbase Cloud conventional staking and custody for proof-of-stake platforms like EVMOS (which is built on Cosmos ecosystem) and AVALANCHE. They have also announced an NFT insurance policy of $25 million recently through Canopius, a US-based leading specialty insurer.

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