Airwallex Released Expense Management Solution for Organizations

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Airwallex, a leading FinTech organization, declared the release of their latest Expense Management Platform, to offer a better solution to help organizations handle their expenditure in a harmonious and convenient manner.

Expense management has become a major additional expense for companies operating abroad as their employees become more diversified and remote. Airwallex provides a solution by streamlining formerly time-consuming and tedious aspects of the expenditure process.

Shannon Scott, VP, Global Head of Product at Airwallex, stated, “Managing spending efficiently is critical to the success of any business, so it’s no surprise our Expenses solution was highly requested by the businesses we work with. With the launch of our new Expenses platform, we are delivering a cohesive solution to one of the biggest administrative challenges businesses face when scaling. Airwallex’s Expenses platform integrates seamlessly into our existing multi-currency cards product. Combined, this product suite offers control and visibility to businesses, helping to manage spending, reconciliation and reporting conveniently in one place.”

The new solution, which works in tandem with Airwallex’s virtual and real multi-currency cards for businesses and employees, improves the expenditure process by providing a single integrated platform to track expenses. This allows organizations to upload the receipts for approval, settle expenses, and gain real-time visibility over card transactions.

This includes the ability to:

  • Upload receipts and trace them
  • Organize your spending into the appropriate accounting categories.
  • Reconcile and close the books as soon as possible.

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