Al Fardan Exchange Announces Partnership with UPT  

Al Fardan Exchange Announces Partnership with UPT  
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Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C, a money transfer and currency exchange firm authorized and controlled by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has established a partnership with UPT, a Turkish global money transfer platform, to allow its UAE customers to send remittances to Turkey. 

Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, CEO, Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C., said, “We are pleased to partner with a platform like UPT and widen our scope and reach for our customers. This partnership brings with it a new wave of innovation and expands the horizon for our competitive remittances for our customer base in the UAE.” 

Customers can now pick up cash in real-time in Turkey from any of the 7,000+ Turkish Post and UPT Money transfer outlets nationwide, thanks to the agreement which also offers bank account transfers. This service is also available in CIS nations like Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. 

The two-way relationship adds a new option to the range of alternatives and increases value for both current and potential customers who are based in the UAE by designating Al Fardan Exchange as the processor for client payouts into the UAE. 

Hakan Ozat, CEO, UPT, said, “We are excited for our partnership with Al Fardan Exchange which is the leading money transfer firm in the UAE. We saw that both companies share similar customer-oriented ethical values and innovative approaches. It’s apparent that customers will enjoy the fast, transparent and seamless money transfer services emerging by the partnership of our companies. 

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