Albit Digital Walltes to Work with Lirium for Digital Asset Access

Albit Digital Walltes to Work with Lirium for Digital Asset Access
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Over 2 million users of the Mexican digital wallet Albit will have access to the digital currency through Lirium, a licensed B2B2C supplier of access solutions for virtual currencies. In Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, Lirium has already established partnerships with financial institutions.

Owners of Albit accounts will have instant access to several cryptocurrencies because of Lirium’s white label technology. The development of alternative payment methods and substitute technology platform investing has great promise in Mexico, where Albit is Lirium’s first client.

Lirium debuted its comprehensive digital asset access platform for traditional financial firms and Fintech firms in Argentina a year ago. Brubank, Prex, and Grupo Financiero Galicia are some of its clients in Argentina.

Federico Murrone, Lirium’s Founder and CEO, commented, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Albit, to provide its clients with easy and convenient access to our crypto-as-a-service regulated and compliant platform. Latin America is ready for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, and Lirium provides simple, fast and safe channels to support the next wave of adoption by a broader demographic.”

Lirium maintains partnerships with regional partners to offer a B2B solution for different bitcoin use cases, prioritizing local settlement. Lirium has indeed created the technological and legal framework required for a quick new market rollout, while US Dollar, EUR, and GBP settlements are available right away after API integration with its client. As a result, other nations can be added quickly for local currency settlement.

With a focus on money safety, data security, and fraud prevention, the organization offers bank-level supervision of digital asset transfers, including license regulations, rigorous regulatory compliance, and security. Without introducing any more operational or regulatory complexity, Lirium’s clients can maintain total control over the end-user experience thanks to its back-end plug-and-play API. Clients who use Lirium get access to all of its license’s features, including fully functional regulatory, compliance, treasury, liquidity, custodial, and insurance coverage.

Lirium AG is able to offer globally regulated and compliant crypto-as-a-service thanks to its three international licences in the areas of exchange services, qualified custodians, and pricing services. Latin American cryptocurrencies are Lirium’s current area of interest and strength. However, it plans to grow regionally and develop the technological and legal frameworks for the local provision, exchange, and settlement of existing and upcoming locally relevant digital asset ecosystem (DAE) goods and services.

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