Ant Group Brings Alipay+ Unified Payments for Cross-Border Payments

Ant Group Brings Alipay+ Unified Payments for Cross-Border Payments
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Ant Group a China-based internet publishing company aims to build the platform and infrastructure to empower the digital transformation of the service industry. It strives to allow small businesses and consumers to have equal access to financial and other services that are green and sustainable.

Ant Group announced launching Alipay+ Unified Payment. Alipay is an existing product, and the upgraded version has been brought as a scalable and unified technical solution for online and conventional vendors to gather money via all sorts of digital payment methods.

Cheng Guoming, General Manager of Alipay+ Global Partnership, Ant Group, stated, “We’re excited to launch Alipay+ Unified Payment, a one-stop solution integrating a wide range of digital payment methods. This upgrade helps merchants handle digital payments more conveniently and seamlessly, and greatly improves their operating efficiency. We are dedicated to leveraging our innovative products and technologies to better serve merchants around the world and facilitating even more cross-border business activities as the global economy recovers from the pandemic.”

Alipay+ enables SMEs to serve their customers in a better way globally with its wide range of borderless digital payments and marketing solutions. Also, vendors can directly connect to more than one billion customers enabling them to easier payments with Alipay’s upgraded version. 

Customers will be able to see the Alipay+ option once vendors integrate to Alipay+ Unified Payment when they make payments on their cashier pages. Users who pay with Alipay+ will be presented with a list of digital payment options that Alipay+ supports based on their country and payment preferences. After that, users can pay with their selected digital payment option. Vendors can use a universal QR code scheme and scan-to-pay services to integrate Alipay+ Unified Payment, which can take all digital payment methods supported by Alipay+.

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