ATRAM Partnered with Additive to Launch Wealth Management Platform

ATRAM Announced Partnership with Additive to Launch Wealth Management Platform
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ATRAM, an independent asset management firm, recently collaborated with a global SaaS and embedded finance WealthTech provider, Additive.

Following this strategic alliance, ATRAM will be able to update and digitize its wealth management offerings in order to fulfil the rising need for knowledgeable and user-friendly investment services. With the help of additiv’s orchestration engine, DFS®, ATRAM’s new digital wealth management platform will be able to offer smart, interesting, and customized wealth and investment services.

Pieter Zylstra, General Manager APAC, additiv said, “Our platform enables ATRAM to exceed the Philippines’ need for a fully digital wealth management service and to become the market leader in the emerging Wealth-Management-as-a-Service (WmaaS) industry. Delivered in the Microsoft Azure cloud, through a SaaS model, these end-to-end financial services can now be offered in the most cost-efficient way.”

The fully digitalized solution, which is expected to be live in the second half of this year, will give ATRAM’s high-net-worth clients quick and easy access to cutting-edge advisory services supported by ATRAM relationship managers, enabling a seamless client-advisor cooperation. It will also give users access to a variety of tools, such as the ability to create personal wealth goals and create custom scenarios to guarantee the best possible investment selections are made while minimizing investment risk.

With an instant 360-degree view of the investments, the digital platform will enable institutional and corporate customers of ATRAM to access and trade on ATRAM’s portfolio of investment products digitally. In order to facilitate the creation and integration of cutting-edge solutions, ATRAM intends to make a sandbox available to its partners. The sandbox will make use of ATRAM’s industry-leading infrastructure built on the DFS® platform from Additiv.

Deanno Basas, President and Managing Director, ATRAM Trust Corporation, stated, “To maintain our position as the leading independent asset manager, it is essential to be ready for the digital economy. By partnering with additiv, with its highly intuitive and engaging wealth platform, we can truly fulfil the needs of our relationship managers, customers as well as distribution partners, enhancing growth through focused digital financial solutions, and achieving wealth inclusion in the Philippines market.”

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