Baker Hill Expanded Partnership with TowneBank

Baker Hill Expanded Partnership with TowneBank
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Baker Hill, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for risk management, loan, analytics, and CECL, recently expanded collaboration with TowneBank, a banking and financial services provider. Following this partnership, TowneBank will utilize Baker Hill NextGen®, a unified system from Baker Hill that simplifies loan origination and portfolio monitoring.

TowneBank is committed to offering top-notch, upmarket banking facilities that house the most advanced technology as part of its core commitment to its clients and staff. TowneBank will continue to advance modern lending expertise by switching from Baker Hill’s heritage product to Baker Hill NextGen® while consolidating banking processes within the single-solution platform.

Brad Schwartz, President & Chief Operating Officer, TowneBank, commented, “After looking at our options in the marketplace, we selected Baker Hill NextGen® Loan Origination product suite. Baker Hill met our requirements for a timely implementation schedule for consumer, small business, and commercial loans along with all the credit and integration components. In the end, we chose Baker Hill to improve our speed to commitment, speed to closing, and ease of use for our bankers and members”, said 

TowneBank’s decision to switch to Baker Hill NextGen® was motivated by its dedication to making investments in the best and most advanced financial technology systems available. In terms of TowneBank extending its partnership with Baker Hill, Baker Hill stood out due to its capacity to offer a full advisory services team to give professional counsel, training, and insights as well as the simplicity of a single, unified solution.

John M. Deignan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Baker Hill, stated, “We are thrilled to continue expanding our partnership with TowneBank. As the industry moves into the next phase of banking with an increased focused on digital offerings, transforming the way our long-term colleagues serve their customers brings pride to our entire team.”

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