Banese Launched Desty Powered by Technisys to Offer Digital Banking

Banese Launched Desty Powered by Technisys to Offer Digital Banking
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Banese Group the State Bank of Sergipe, Brazil. The bank acts as a catalyst for the economic growth of the state by providing banking services. With the support of Technisys, a US-based digital banking platform, Banese Group introduced Desty, a new digital bank for Brazilian consumers. The launch will enable Banese Group to bring a range of new financial products and services to the specific target market which lacks access to mainstream financial services.

Brazilian customers of C and D classes as well as small to medium level business innovators will access financial upliftment and educational services to understand the value of a retirement goal or optimize business growth with Desty’s service structure.

Luciano Passo, Director of Strategic Management and Technology, Banese, stated, “The purpose of the new digital bank is to add, not replace, current Banese’s services, supporting the bank’s growth and geographic expansion. I believe that we will have a stronger institution that can create more job openings and income for the country.”

Desty’s goal is to offer a coherent and trusted mobile experience with its mobile-based platform supported by cutting-edge Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) capabilities. Banese will offer an easy-to-navigate, intuitive, and secure digital experience through its newly launched digital bank. Currently, it has over 800,000 consumers in Sergipe and looking forward to expanding its banking services to other Brazilian states and accomplishing 5 million users in the next five years. Desty will enable Banese Group to deliver tailored digital banking experiences, transforming itself into one of the most innovative government financial institutions in Brazil.

German Pugliese-Bassi, Co-Founder and CMO, Technisys, included, “Cyberbank – the banking platform implemented in Banese – is designed to align technology with the specific needs of each business line with agility and scalability. We are a cloud-native, API-centric platform with open banking capabilities, enabling financial institutions to develop robust, digital-first applications and services – in real-time – to meet ever-changing market needs.”

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