BankiFi to Launch The New Open Cash Management Portal

BankiFi to Launch The New Open Cash Management Portal
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BankiFi recently announced the release of their latest Open Cash Management portal. This platform would allow the user to gain access to various advanced payment solutions, leading toward swift and convenient financial management for the organization. It will also offer a seamlessly engaged banking solution for BankiFi’s clients. The platform has been created while keeping large, small, and medium-sized businesses in mind. Users will be able to manage:

  • Billing
  • Transactions
  • Collections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Revenue Prediction
  • Analytics for Cash Flow Management

This platform embodies an enhanced edition of the current BankiFi services. The portal has been developed in a manner to consist of integrated banking and open banking as one simple and easy solution. The latest service addition will aid the banks to position their identity and related digital network at the centre of business-client relationships, irrespective of the fact that the client has an account at the bank or not.

Marijke Koninckx, Chief Product Officer, BankiFi, said, “The Open Cash Management Platform is a business banking super app. With Open Cash Management, banks can offer their small business customers a full embedded banking service, which revolves around procure to pay and order to cash workflows. Instead of offering a banking channel for simple tasks, such as checking account balances and making payments, banks can instead offer a rich and comprehensive service to their SMBs centered around a bank’s brand and digital channel.”

The new platform has several other distinctive features as well, enabling it to be perfectly suitable for the requirements and challenges of advanced market activity. This will be done using a set of bank connectors that already exist in various categories, making the onboarding convenient for the banks and allowing them to perform in conjunction with the current bookkeeping system.

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