BankProv and Etana Custody Joined Forces for Banking-as-a-Service

BankProv and Etana Custody Joined Forces for Banking-as-a-Service
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BankProv, a future-ready commercial bank believes that the world is transforming faster than ever before and being ready for the future can take you to multiple opportunities. With this objective, the financial institution embraces innovation and leverages new technologies that allow the organization offers better banking experiences while framing the future. It provides its distinguished expertise in lending, crypto, and more banking services.

BankProv and Etana Trust Company teamed up to bring a new Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering to merge digital assets into the financial systems. Etana Custody, a part of Etana Trust Company, will leverage the investment community by adding new digital asset services to it. The future-ready commercial bank has been a privilege to firms engaged in the digital asset space as it has been offering its deposit and lending products capabilities since 2019. As of now, it came with embedded institutional banking services by developing an API programming suite. With this partnership, BankProv will enable Etana Custody to access virtual ledger and payment rails to simplify and track payments through sub-accounts of consumers of Etana Custody.

Dave Mansfield, CEO, BankProv, stated, “We’re excited to partner with a safe, secured, and trusted partner in the market like Etana. We share the same vision and practice of streamlining the needs of our customers and centralizing our banking solutions to effectively support the fiat and digital markets.”

Etana Custody runs as a chartered trust company and is regulated by the Colorado Division of Banking. It offers global custodial and trade support solutions for individuals, corporations, institutions, and exchanges. Its wide range of custody and trade support services for fiat and digital assets offer flexibility to customers knowing their assets will always stay secure.

Brandon Russell, CEO, Etana Custody, commented, “BankProv is an innovative bank that recognizes the need to provide support services in the expanding institutional marketplace for digital assets. Our partnership creates exciting new opportunities for progressive financial services firms.”

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