BitDCE and Simplex Cooperated to Launch Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

BitDCE and Simplex Cooperated to Launch Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
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BitDCE and Simplex mutually agreed to cooperate, before BitDCE starts to build a new combinationecosystem that includes “Global Easy, Global Payment, and Global Purchase.” With this step, BitDCE becomes one of the numerous global cryptocurrency exchanges that allow payments via Visa and Master services. Currently, BitDCE customers make transactions in cryptocurrency via Master and Visa. Every crypto transaction done is able to reach the value of 20K USD. This value is enough to buy cryptocurrencies and it is also more than the legal currency of 97+ countries.

BitDCE offers a wide array of crypto trading products like legal currency, digital currency spot, smart contract, and others. Consumers need to go through a complete KYC audit process that would secure them from cybercriminals and protect their crypto funds and assets. Customers to buy and pay cryptocurrencies on the trading exchange via Visa and Master, have to enter the menu bar and then fulfil the requirements.

The current selection of BitDCE to cooperate with Simplex in the payment ecosystem has a vision that shows the strength of both organizations. Along with this, it will also lead to building an outstanding encryption system payment ecosystem in the future. Simplex, being the pioneer in global encryption ecosystem solution service aims to make “cryptocurrency available to everyone”. The aim is a match to BitDCE’s mission of building a new ecosystem, that specifically includes “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase”. The new ecosystem of BitDCE has all capabilities to be a landmark in the encryption system payment ecosystem in the future. Considering the predictions, the cards added to encrypting currency and other unfolding payments may cause destabilization of global trillion dollars every year in checks and cash payments.

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