Bluestone and Thoughtworks Collaborated for Digital Lending Services

Bluestone and Thoughtworks Collaborated for Digital Lending Services
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Bluestone, a leading provider of home-loan solutions has announced its new partnership with Thoughtworks, a worldwide consultancy organization that combines design, engineering, and strategy to generate digital innovation. This partnership has launched a whole array of advanced digital capabilities that enhances the broker and borrower relationship.

Bluestone, a comprehensive lender that is constantly expanding and offers residential home loan solutions to clients in Australia and New Zealand, used the rapidly changing digital landscape as a launching pad to transform into a future-ready business. Through a cloud-hosted digital lending platform that would increase transparency for brokers, borrowers, and staff and enable a cutting-edge and user-friendly approach to loan servicing and collections, it teamed with Thoughtworks to accelerate this goal.

Campbell Smyth, CEO, Bluestone, stated, “One of the real benefits of engaging with Thoughtworks was that they didn’t treat us like a customer – they really worked with us like a partner. That really meant we got a much better outcome in a much quicker time. Since implementing the platform, technology is no longer a limiting factor in what we do, but it actually drives some of the great outcomes that we’re achieving. Ultimately, that translates to a better experience for our customers.”

Thoughtworks created a new strategy for Bluestone to manage security, risk, and compliance in the middle of a volatile home-lending market. It replaced an outmoded legacy mortgage platform with a more comprehensive self-service website for lending that offers a mobile-friendly user experience. Bluestone has been able to automate six crucial customer service procedures using the new systems and procedures, saving an average of 690 minutes per day on loan application processing.

Along with the self-service online site, Thoughtworks also developed a cutting-edge CRM replacement that enables Bluestone to integrate an external app to manage customer care operations with streamlined processes. The customer service processes at Bluestone are entirely under the management of this app, which is hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Manu Iyer, Director of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) and Fintech, Thoughtworks Australia, commented, “Collaborating across teams within the organization accelerated our efforts in developing a best-in-class solution that was easy to use and provided clear benefits for all stakeholders and Bluestone’s customers.”


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