BNY Mello Launched New Features in Security Lending  

BNY Mello Launched New Features in Security Lending  
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BNY Mellon has introduced additional additions to its securities finance platform to assist customers in analyzing their organization’s securities lending program in conjunction with their other objectives. The proposal comes as the customer desires greater accountability in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing growth for companies throughout the world. 

Customers can apply ESG rankings depending on third-party data throughout their lendable portfolio, collateral, and cash assets via an interactive dashboard to enable them to analyze compliance with their unique ESG goals. As the largest global agent lender, with access to more than $4.3 trillion in lendable assets, BNY Mellon’s new capability is the first in a series of ESG advancements to its platform. 

Ina Budh-Raja, EMEA Head of Securities Finance Product & Strategy and Global Head of Markets ESG at BNY Mellon, stated, “Transparency is critical to the evolution of the ESG investing landscape, as well as the management of ESG risks and regulatory compliance. BNY Mellon is committed to providing clients with next-generation solutions and insights designed to help enable alignment with their ESG goals.” 

The innovative platform is based on MSCI ESG Research’s ESG Ratings, which allocate rankings to securities based on three distinct pillars: environmental, social, and governance. These scores can be applied to a client’s non-cash collateral and cash reinvestment, including both outright purchases and repo collateral. 

The output enables clients to quickly and simply evaluate the portfolio, collateral, and investments connected with their environmental, social, and governance aims and values. This Securities Finance upgrade complements the previously developed ESG tools throughout the BNY Mellon finance and liquidity ecosystem. 

BNY Mellon had signed a multi-year licensing arrangement with Xceptor to utilize their tax software. BNY Mellon is using Xceptor’s technology to revolutionize the delivery of its large tax service offering. In an ever-changing tax regulatory landscape, the progressive implementation of Xceptor’s end-to-end tax platform will help companies decrease tax risk by delivering transparency and efficiency. 

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