BPC to Strengthen Powwi’s Digital Banking Services

BPC to Strengthen Powwi’s Digital Banking Services
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Powwi, a Columbia-based electronic deposit and payments company collaborated with BPC, a pioneer banking technologies provider, including digital payments for BPC’s SmartVista technology.

This partnership will continue for five years as per the current terms of the agreement in which SmartVista technology of BPC will be used by Powwi, for customers’ transactional service management and bring economic growth across the country.

Juliana Peña, VP of Sales Andean Region, BPC, stated, “We are honored to have been selected as the issuing processor provider for all of Powwi’s debit and prepaid cards. Our five-year alliance will allow us to work closely with Powwi, one of the most innovative digital financial wallets in the region and an impressive force for good. The company launched with an ambition to make it possible for anyone to make their digital payments, including the unbanked. Together we can help Powwi to achieve this goal and more – and we are proud to do so with the assistance of a fantastic team on the ground.”

Implementation of SmartVista allows consumers to have a quicker, exceptional, and significant experience of the real-time banking services such as fund transfers, balances and account information, bill payments and others. The technology is all set to have customers bank services within seconds with the help of the internet and smartphones.

Luisa Fernanda Cárdenas Sánchez, President, Powwi, commented, “Financial inclusion is a key driver for the country’s economic growth and has significant effects on the overall development of those that cannot access basic banking services. With BPC’s platform, Powwi can do more to close the wealth gap and offer better and more convenient services for all.”

Powwi with its digital services for loans and savings to a mass population promotes financial inclusion. To achieve the goal of loan and savings distribution services digitally, the company employs an aggregator model for microfinance firms, that disburse loans and offer bank services along with granting Visa and Mastercard debit and prepaid cards.

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