Brite Payments to Introduce Single Sign for Instant Payment

Brite Payments to Introduce Single Sign for Instant Payment
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Brite Payments, a Swedish Fintech organization has announced the launch of a pioneering one-step solution ‘Single Sign’ for rapid bank transfer. This service is created using an Open Banking structure that enables account-to-account transfers with no need to enter personal or card details. This will enable users to make transactions straight from their bank accounts with just one verification step, apart from the situation when regulations would require further authentication.

Through the new Brite Payments service, clients reap the benefit of eliminating several long-standing payments and managing cash flow concerns. The user-friendly solution also provides a superior user experience and boosts client engagement rates.

Lena Hackelöer, Founder and CEO Brite Payments, said, “We are really proud to launch our ‘Single Sign’ feature to market. At Brite, we believe that the adoption of A2A payments is driven primarily by consumer convenience. Allowing users to authenticate and pay instantly in just one step is a significant leap forward for our industry. Given that only top-of-mind information is required to make a payment, it will now be more convenient to use an account-based payment method rather than a credit card. This achievement is an important milestone for our category of payments in its journey to reach its full potential.”

Brite Payments, which is currently providing services in the e-commerce, banking, and insurance industries, has an elastic structure that can be molded as per the requirements. Moreover, customers get an option to choose between using Brite’s tailored app iframe or creating their own workflow on top of Brite’s API.

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