Casa Launched New API for Bitcoin Multisig Wallet Integration

Casa Launched New API for Bitcoin Multisig Wallet Integration
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Casa helps in securing your Bitcoin and recently announced a new public API to empower new-age Bitcoin-driven financial solutions and those would enable enterprises, and investors to integrate multisignature wallets inside their financial services and products.

Nick Neuman, Co-Founder and CEO, Casa, stated, “Bitcoin and traditional financial services have a shared destiny: they are increasingly converging, and we’re seeing hugely increased demand for solutions that tie the two ecosystems together. At Casa, we’ve always believed private key technology is about much more than just protecting your bitcoin; it should be the way you secure anything valuable and sensitive — from your money to your digital identity.”

This API allows Bitcoin users to validate their wallets in third party services at the same time while also controlling the keys of their wallets. Casa API has multiple features that include flawlessly organizing retirement investments, loan approval, and automatically adding Bitcoin to the Casa account.

Every new service will be safeguarded by multisig technology of Casa that helps users protect their keys of bitcoin by ascertaining that the security is easily available.

Ryan Radloff, CEO, Choice, commented, “Bitcoin was designed so users could hold the keys to their financial future, and Choice and Casa have worked for hand in hand for the last two years, making that vision a reality. With the launch of the Casa API, we will be able to go to the next step and give our customers even more visibility into the bitcoin they hold as part of their long-term financial plan. We’re excited to leverage the API to make the process seamless, from generating a new keyset to viewing your multi-sig wallet balance in real-time, from within your retirement account – this will be a bold leap forward for managing bitcoin as part of your long-term portfolio.”

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