CereTax and Peisner Johnson Collaborated for Tax Automation

CereTax and Peisner Johnson Collaborated for Tax Automation
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CereTax, a groundbreaking sales tax automation technology, and Peisner Johnson, an established sales tax consulting firm, have formed a collaboration to assist sophisticated, multi-industry enterprises in the sales tax automation and compliance area.

Through this alliance, both businesses will be able to concentrate on their specialized areas of business while providing customers with cutting-edge compliance and calculating solutions.

State and local tax consulting company Peisner Johnson established in 1992 with a single goal in mind: to help clients with their state tax issues. They have a thorough understanding of state tax concerns because they only concentrate on state and local taxes. Their vast knowledge, a wealth of experience, and commitment to putting the needs of their clients first benefit their clients. Peisner Johnson has provided consulting services to thousands of businesses operating in practically every sector across the United States and Canada.

Brent Reeves, CRO of CereTax, commented, “We believe it is vital to have a reliable compliance partner for our customers so that they are not putting all their eggs in a one-stop-shop basket. It gives more transparency to the customer and lends to a more knowledgeable support experience as experts on the compliance and calc side can see things the other side could potentially miss.”

Customers who require a team of professionals to handle their complex sales tax circumstances would benefit from our alliance due to the decades of compliance and sales tax software knowledge involved.

The alliance between CereTax and Peisner Johnson will significantly alter how multi-vertical companies navigate the challenging world of sales tax management.

Jason Parr, CEO of Peisner Johnson, stated,“Peisner Johnson is all about providing peace of mind and simplifying life when it comes to sales tax, especially when it comes to a company’s compliance responsibility. CereTax is all about simplifying the complexities of sales tax collection through its revolutionary automation platform. A partnership between CereTax and Peisner Johnson represents dramatically improved experiences by companies when it comes to managing their sales tax processes.”

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