Cross-Border Wallet Introduced by LianLian Global

Cross-Border Wallet Introduced by LianLian Global
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LianLian Global, a prominent facilitator of cross-border payment services, recently released its multi-currency Cross-Border Wallet having obtained permits to conduct business in each of the 50 states. For U.S.-based retailers and merchants who run their businesses globally on e-commerce platforms like Allegro, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fruugo, and Kaufland, the cross-border digital wallet is intended to make fund transfers convenient, and more readily available, and less expensive than the conventional banking and financial transactions.

LianLian Global is a worldwide facilitator of cross-border payments in various countries, with more than 1.2 million e-commerce stores leveraging it to enhance their cross-border transactions. It has also made its alliances with other reputed institutions such as J.P. Morgan, Citi, and Deutsche Bank.

David Messenger, Executive Chairman, LianLian Global, stated, “We are delighted to have launched our fully-licensed Cross-Border Wallet in the United States, and see the positive response from US businesses. This is an evolution of our globally trusted platform that our customers around the world have come to rely on. Our new cross-border wallet helps businesses of all sizes grow, by making it easy to manage multiple currencies on a single platform and do foreign exchange (FX) conversion at fair and transparent rates. Our aim is to help our U.S. customers better navigate the complexity of cross-border payments and the volatility of FX.”

Nearly 70% of U.S. SMEs employ their own website or other digital services, according to Data Catalyst, with most businesses choosing to use numerous online platforms. Cross-border payments are still a critical concern for U.S. businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses seeking to make transactions in less acquainted, fluctuations in exchange rates in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, even after already having considerable online visibility and plenty looking to sell to different countries.

Clients can utilize LianLian Global’s Cross-Border Wallet without paying an additional fee (unlike other well-known providers on the market) paying to set up an account or receive funds. As an alternative, LianLian Global charges a set FX conversion cost of 0.5 percent, with more affordable prices being made accessible to elevated clients.

With the launch of LianLian Global’s Cross-Border Wallet, the regulatory complexity of transferring funds between Western firms, clients, and providers in China and other rising markets around the world is almost eliminated. Ecommerce customers of all sizes can make payments through LianLian Global up to US$1.5 million at once. The wallet may also store a variety of denominations, including British Pound Sterling, Canadian, Hong Kong, Chinese Yuan, Polish Zloty, and European Euro.


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