Cross River & Sardine Alliance to Use Embedded Finance

Cross River & Sardine Alliance to Use Embedded Finance Technology
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Cross River, a technology infrastructure supplier, and Sardine, a behaviour-based fraud and compliance platform for digital wallets and neobanks, joined hands to use embedded finance technology. Cross River will provide embedded financial solutions for Sardine’s customers and that will enable them to access money in no time.

Luca Cosentino, Head of Digital Assets, Cross River, commented, “As a crypto-first financial institution, supporting the crypto industry is not only core to Cross River’s mission, but it’s also our responsibility. Sardine is working on one of the most important problems in the payments and crypto world and we are proud to serve them with our API-driven payments infrastructure, the base layer of the fastest-growing fintech and crypto companies.”

Sardine, a renowned technology player for data security that deals in compliance infrastructure, fraud prevention, and added infrastructure layer that bridges fiat and crypto in a regulatory compliant and that can be coupled easily as well. Sardine’s platform is the brainchild of some peers from Google Pay, PayPal, Coinbase, Bolt, and Revolut. These experts come together to bring solution for fintech fraud causing pain and money loss to customers. The solution is more established for fraud protection and prevention than legacy e-commerce fraud products.

Sardine with the help of its AI-based core technology suits to release Instant ACH transfers as well as render a fraud score within no time, using identity, device and behaviour patterns at account origination and account funding. Not only this, but Sardine’s platform also detects fraud occurrence during account login, withdrawals or other processes. Customers of Sardine can integrate its SDK into their mobile apps or web, and the rest, the platform handles everything.

Ravi Loganathan, Head of Financial Institution Partnerships, Sardine, added, “At Sardine, we’ve built a modern fraud and compliance platform to address global fraud. We’re thrilled to partner with Cross River to build a critical risk infrastructure bridging traditional and emerging finance – enabling consumers and businesses to move funds across Fiat and Crypto.”

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