CrossTower Announced the Launch of Perpetual Futures Trading

CrossTower Announced the Launch of Perpetual Futures Trading
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CrossTower Inc., a leader in crypto and digital asset exchange, introduced perpetual futures transactions via its Bermuda digital exchange.

Perpetual futures are derivatives agreements that, unlike ordinary futures trading, don’t have an expiry date. CrossTower’s increasing core audience can use the service to take long and/or short positions in accordance with their portfolio and risk objectives.

Perpetual futures trading is accessible to qualifying clients through the CrossTower Global Pro platform, which is designed for corporate use and is supervised. CrossTower plans to launch perpetual futures trading in 20 of the most popular currencies in the upcoming days.

Kapil Rathi, Co-Founder, CEO, CrossTower, cited, “Perpetual futures provides investors critical tools that can facilitate and shape their investment objectives. The advantages of perpetual futures trading are truly compelling for portfolio construction, and we are thrilled to be contributing to the maturation of the digital asset ecosystem. CrossTower is developing cutting edge trading products, and we are excited to be at the forefront of innovation.”

CrossTower is smashing down the obstacles for consumers of all categories by adding perpetual futures trading to its array of existing market-leading products, enabling customers to capture the significant benefits of crypto assets through a single institution-grade, dependable platform backed by innovative technology. CrossTower’s unrivaled capital markets knowledge and track record enable it to provide a low-cost trading methodology with exceptional execution. In Q4 2021, CrossTower had record trading volume, up more than 600 percent year over year and more than 100 percent from the previous quarter.


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