Ding Collaborates with Gr4vy to Offer Alternative Payment Options  

Ding Collaborates with Gr4vy to Offer Alternative Payment Options  
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Ding, a leading mobile top-up service provider, has partnered with a cloud-native payment orchestration platform, Gr4vy, to expand alternative payment options for its users and enhance flexibility at the time of checkout. The industry leader in mobile top-ups selected Gr4vy to obtain all the infrastructure required to comply with PCI compliance and international payment data requirements, as well as to connect smoothly to top payment service providers through cutting-edge APIs. Ding will make use of the entire range of Gr4vy’s capabilities and advantages to provide more flexible payment options as it expands quickly into new foreign markets. 

John Lunn, Founder, and CEO of Gr4vy, said, “Meeting customer demand for new ways to pay can be both challenging and complex. Added to this complexity is the ability to keep customer payment data secure while still meeting current and future payment data regulations. We have built our cloud-native POP with the utmost concern for merchants and their customers’ payment needs and data security. Ding shares this same commitment to payment diversification and security.” 

Since 2006, Ding has been facilitating connections between individuals through its mobile app, the internet, and more than 600,000 retail locations across the world. The company provides a top-up “every second” through more than 850 operators in more than 150 countries. Gr4vy’s payment orchestration layer streamlines the deployment, management, customization, and optimization of the ideal payment option for each individual user for retailers worldwide. To decrease points of failure, retailers can purchase numerous dedicated instances of Gr4vy in the Cloud. 

“The partnership with Gr4vy will support Ding’s payment strategy and expansion plans, removing the complexity of offering new payment types and accelerating speed to market when entering new markets. Ding chose Gr4vy’s cloud-first API offering as it stood out from other payment orchestration providers, allowing us to be more flexible and agile in supporting its long-term goals”, said Micheál Egan, Head of Payments at Ding. 

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