EntreBank Chooses CSI for Integrated Business Banking Solutions

EntreBank Chooses CSI for Integrated Business Banking Solutions
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EntreBank a financial institution that supports local businesses based in Minnesota with Business Lending, Tax Credit Lending, SBA Loans, Personal Lending, and more services. To offer integrated banking services, it has chosen NuPoint core platform of Computer Services Inc, (CSI) to meet the modern-day business requirements of Minnesota-based small enterprises, and startups. CSI solutions will provide new-age digital banking services enabling the bank to stand on consumer’s expectations quickly.

Computer Services Inc. is a pioneer in Regtech (also called Regulatory Technology using the capabilities of IT to improve regulation and compliance processes), Cybersecurity and Fintech services. It excels at pushing financial institutions and other businesses forward using cutting-edge technology, decades of experience, and a commitment to the authentic partnerships approach of the company.

Tim Viere, CEO, EntreBank, stated, “We know entrepreneurs and small business owners have unique needs that require creative solutions. By truly understanding our clients’ businesses, we create value for them by helping them capitalize on the best and timeliest opportunities. In every measure, CSI rose to the top as the best banking services provider that could deliver the innovative technology advancements and customer service we needed to deliver that value for our customers.”

EntreBank will use organized IT services as well as core banking services of Computer Services Inc. The IT services of CSI will empower the Minnesota-based bank to enhance its quality and utility of banking applications and systems while enabling executives to perform banking business at their best.

Giovanni Mastronardi, Group President, CSI Enterprise Banking, commented, “At CSI, we are dedicated to providing enhanced technology offerings in an open banking environment that meet the specific needs of our community banks and their customers. As a de novo, EntreBank can establish a modern and open architecture to serve as the backbone of its banking services from the very beginning. We are pleased to partner with EntreBank and deliver innovative core banking solutions that will help its customers achieve financial wellness and grow their businesses.”

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