Esker and Quadient Collaborate to Advance Electronic Invoicing in France 

Esker and Quadient Collaborate to Advance Electronic Invoicing in France 
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Esker, a provider of automation solutions, and Quadient, a provider of communication solutions, have joined forces with the French government’s upcoming Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP) to assist businesses in adhering to tax regulations. According to French financial law, invoices sent back and forth between VAT taxpayers must be sent in a hybrid or structured data format.

Emmanuel Olivier, COO at Esker, said, “Esker is proud to support Quadient in this project. As long-standing partners, our two companies have demonstrated their ability to work together to deliver innovative solutions that benefit thousands of businesses in France today.”

Over the course of more than seven years, Quadient and Esker have collaborated through their joint subsidiary NCS. With the new partnership, they can assist companies of all sizes in complying with upcoming French tax regulations, regardless of how invoices are received or transmitted, including via portal, EDI, email in PDF format, and other channels.

Nicolas de Beco, Chief Strategy and Product Officer for Intelligent Document Automation at Quadient, said, “The widespread implementation of electronic invoicing over the next three years is a major challenge for the four million companies in France. As a major player in the electronic document management market for small and medium-sized businesses, we look forward to our continued partnership with Esker.”

Electronic invoices will be sent and received between entities via the Partner Dematerialization Platform, which will be approved by the French government, and the Public Billing Portal will receive the invoicing data (PPF). As of right now, Esker and Quadient are getting ready for the registration procedure that will start in September 2023. Businesses will be able to benefit from supplementary services like centralized workflow management, business process automation, and communication tracking in addition to adhering to regulatory guidelines.

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