Finastra and Clinc to Increase Digital Engagement and Reduce Service Agent Workload

Finastra and Clinc to Increase Digital Engagement and Reduce Service Agent Workload
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Finastra announced a partnership with Clinc, the top conversational AI expert serving international financial institutions, which will offer its Virtual Banking Assistant technology fully integrated into Finastra’s Fusion Digital Banking platform. With Fusion Digital Banking serving as its digital platform, the application enables Finastra’s bank and credit union customers to improve digital engagement and streamline the customer experience. The program increases efficiency by significantly decreasing call center volume by allowing users to manage routine banking inquiries via voice and chat.

Narendra Mistry, Chief Product Officer, Universal Banking at Finastra said, “Financial institutions worldwide will benefit from increased access to Clinc’s innovative chatbot technology. Understanding how real people talk and interact is critical as banks and credit unions work to ensure that the customer experience remains strong while embracing new technologies. We’re delighted to welcome Clinc to our technology ecosystem, and for Finastra’s customers to be able to easily offer conversational AI as part of their digital strategy.”, Finastra’s premier financial technology ecosystem, and conversational AI software are joined in this integration to produce AI-driven digital experiences at cloud scale. This relationship is unique to the banking industry. Clinc’s Virtual Banking Assistant, built on the market-leading core technologies of Finastra and utilizing a wide range of open APIs, aids financial institutions in increasing user engagement by providing a practical and seamless experience.

Jon Newhard, CEO at Clinc said, “We are incredibly pleased to be able to offer our AI solution to banks in collaboration with Finastra, whose platform is viewed around the world as a leading financial technology ecosystem. Our Virtual Banking Assistant, which can be integrated seamlessly as part of a digital transformation strategy, enables financial institutions to engage customers efficiently but without losing the personal touch. This is vital in an era when increasing numbers of consumers are demanding authentic and intuitive experiences from chatbots.”

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