Finexio, Account Payable Platform Collaborates with Banc of California

Finexio, Account Payable Platform Collaborates with Banc of California
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Finexio, an accounts payable (AP) Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) company, has partnered with Banc of California (BoC). Finexio was launched to provide innovative, and responsive banking services that allow having a simplified digital payment solution.

Ernest Rolfson, Founder and CEO, Finexio, stated, “We are thrilled to work with a future-thinking institution like Banc of California to help its clients optimize payments and expenses, improve their competitive position, and drive bottom-line results,” said. “The turnkey technology we are embedding will enable Banc to further differentiate itself and provide another product built to improve the overall client experience.”

Banc of California’s commercial lending offerings and treasury management empowered by Finexio’s platform, Banc PremierPay allows the banc to increase the services and benefits to healthcare, manufacturing, legal, construction, and hospitality consumers.

Jared Wolff, President and CEO, Banc of California, commented, “They provide what I would call payment optimization services to small and medium-sized businesses. The product helps users to efficiently manage their accounts payable functions, and what they do is interface with customers’ existing accounting software.”

Banc PremierPay will help enterprise and middle-market consumers of the bank in managing incompetency and minimising Account Payable costs. The platform will also enable consumers with virtual card payments, monthly time savings, security and control as well as get embedded cash flow management products- credit lines and supply chain finance.

Finexio, a leading AP Funds-as-a-Service company offers a strong disruption to disjointed manual-based and conventional AP processes. It also focuses to serve end-to-end AP cost capabilities AP Software program Platforms, built-in inside Procurement, and Monetary Establishments. Banc of California, Inc. is a financial institution dedicated to service and constructing enduring relationships, we offer a better commonplace of banking.

This collaboration resulted when BoC wanted to offer its consumers improved lending opportunities and needed a strong platform to support. Extending the previous relationship, Banc of America has chosen Banc PremierPay, a suitable platform for the needs of BoC.

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