Fuse Labs Launches Fuse Charge for Covenient Blockchain Payment

Fuse Labs Launches Fuse Charge for Convenient Blockchain Payment
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Fuse Labs, an Israel-based financial institution, brings DeFi to build a platform for entrepreneurs and bring the power of open-source money to millions. The Web3 payments company has released its new blockchain payments API platform Fuse Charge to bring crypto payments to the conventional global economy. The notable platforms of Fuse Labs are Fuse Studio, Fuse Staking, Voltage Finance, and Fuse Cash. Apart from the platforms, Fuse Labs offers Fuse Network and Fuse Token to become a part of the blockchain world instantly.

Fuse Charge is a blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform that allows companies and professional developers to easily integrate payments supported by the speedy and affordable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Fuse Network blockchain into their product without having any sound blockchain development experience.

Blockchain payments can address notable flaws or loopholes in the ongoing global payments system that would leverage excess intermediation, high transaction fees, geographic fragmentation, frequent lack of interoperability between platforms, hidden forest, chargebacks, and more. Blockchain technology can remove all these roadblocks as it has fast transaction capability, peer-to-peer architecture, and open access.

Fuse Charge has a set of Fuse smart contracts and backend infrastructure apps that developers can use through its convenient APIs. At the time of launch, beta testers of Fuse Charge will be given three APIs-

  • the Admin API to launch tokens and blockchain accounts
  • the Wallet API for developing mobile wallet applications
  • the Trade API for integrating decentralized exchange trading for tokens

Since 2020 began, features or functionalities of the Fuse Charge platform have already been used by various companies, businesses, and blockchain communities for launching blockchain-backed applications on top of the Fuse Studio and Fuse Whitelabel wallet platforms. The most used elements have been Peepl, Bitazza, and Comunitaria.

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