Future FinTech Labs Launches Low-cost Remittance App by Joining Hands with Currencycloud

Future FinTech Labs Launches Low-cost Remittance App by Joining Hands with Currencycloud
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Blockchain application technology provider and fintech service provider, Future Fintech’s subsidiary Future Fintech Labs has partnered with a global payment platform, Currencycloud, a subsidiary of Visa to launch a low-cost remittance application, Tempo. The new offering will enable users in the USA to use the application for securely transferring money from the US to other parts of the world.

“Migrants in the US should be able to send money cross-border without friction and without prohibitive costs. A fintech company like Future FinTech Labs understands the needs of working people wanting to send money to family and friends, and as such is successfully re-imagining how money flows for this huge market,” stated Lewis Nurcombe, Vice President of Sales, Currencycloud.

FTFT Labs can provide its customers with a multicurrency digital wallet that enables transferring money to the countries easier and more cost-effective than many other remittance services that charge huge fees for each transfer by partnering with Currencycloud and other service providers. The Tempo app provides a remittance service that its users can rely on, with features that make moving money simple and with in-app customer care at their convenience. The conversion tool offered by Tempo enables users to send money to international accounts after currency conversion and to keep foreign currencies for their convenience. The Funds Feature offered by Tempo makes it simple for users to add money to their digital wallets.

“Tempo represents an easy, fast and secure way to transfer money cross-border. Working with Currencycloud and using the breadth of its services, it allows us to offer our customers a seamless product from start to finish. We are confident we are making remittance a seamless process for our end users,” stated Sean Liu, CEO of FTFT Labs.

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