Giddy and Plaid Partnership to Boost Crypto Staking

Giddy and Plaid Partnered to Boost Crypto Staking
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Giddy is a new-age crypto staking platform that allows its users to generate passive income from their crypto-asset easily and securely. It has come in partnership with Plaid, a Fintech pioneer. Plaid provides a huge data network empowering the tools people use across the globe to have healthier financial lives.

The integration of Giddy’s platform to Plaid’s will enable customers to share their financial information effortlessly and securely to move their money in and out of their Giddy account.

Eric Parker, CEO, Giddy, commented, “Security and user-friendliness are paramount to every step of the customer journey on the Giddy platform. Our partnership with Plaid and their open finance technology is a continuation of striving to create an unparalleled experience for Giddy users.”

Giddy is on the move to empower its investors for easy fund transfer via ACH from their transaction account to their digital wallet for investing in the crypto market. This will happen when Giddy will integrate with payment authorisation products and payment processor, Wyre, of Plaid. Once the crypto is converted back into fiat money by the investor, the integration capabilities make it quick and seamless to transfer those amounts back to the transaction account.

After the fund is transferred into the user’s Giddy account, the currency itself gets converted to a stable coin that lets users start coin staking and earning interest on them instantly.

Giddy, the first DeFi app in the world was launched in 2021 with the vision to provide crypto investors with a one-tap staking platform. The world of crypto investment is complex and full of actions that create confusion for consumers. This leads to disinterest among crypto users, and they deny or delay the investment. Giddy has made this app to streamline all crypto investment activities from one place.

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