Global Account Solution by Verto for B2B Merchants

Global Account Solution by Verto for B2B Merchants
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Verto, a major B2B cross-border FX (foreign exchange) and payment facilitator unveiled its latest multi-currency global account. Organizations can transfer payments over 190 locations and deposit assets in 51 currencies using Verto’s global account, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses all around the world.

When accepting foreign currencies, businesses are frequently faced with expensive fees and extensive documentation. Verto’s new solution helps organizations transfer funds in real-time around the globe, while also delivering a solid multi-currency solution on the receiver end. The global service enables organizations to make comprehensive multi solutions without a local company, regardless of where they are located.

Ola Oyetayo, CEO and Co-Founder, Verto, stated, “With our Global Account solutions, we now support businesses and merchants across the UK, US, Europe and emerging markets who need access to foreign account capabilities in neighbouring countries for regional and global expansion”, commented. Effective multi-currency solutions are imperative to supporting and driving international business across borders, especially in emerging market economies. Businesses who are often left behind and without access to the financial services industry by traditional incumbents need to be equipped with the ability to send and receive payments flexibly, accessibly, and seamlessly. That’s where Verto comes in. Our new Global Account solutions give businesses innovative multi-currency services on the receiving end, strengthening Verto’s pay-in capabilities. Now businesses can conveniently send and receive cross-border payments, hold multi-currency accounts and manage foreign exchange on a single platform. We’re proud to bridge the gap and be the fuel and infrastructure behind the fastest growing companies conquering the industry.”

Verto’s mission to provide the infrastructure that enables the world’s rapidly developing start-ups, organizations, and e-commerce merchants is strengthened by the new solution, which gives firms in developed and emerging regions similar access to the international financial sector. Global Account, which builds on Verto’s robust pay-out features, allows organizations to accept transactions in up to 25 foreign and exotic currencies, transfer the cash, and pay associates, vendors, and workers in 51 currencies.

Verto’s persistent dedication to finding solutions to the segmented landscape of cross-border payments in emerging and developing economies, while also working for the benefit of its pan-European, US, and UK based consumers, is reflected in the release of Global Account; to steadily secure organizations, irrespective of size or profitability, have access to the global financial system, irrespective of origin.


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