Gradient AI Connects with Insurtech Vanguards Program of Guidewire

Gradient AI Connects with Insurtech Vanguards Program of Guidewire
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Gradient AI provider of SaaS solutions empowered by artificial intelligence to serve insurance industry needs. Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards program, run by Guidewire, the P&C cloud platform provider will now have Gradient AI as its member. Gradient has joined this program to educate insurers about the latest insurtechs and their uses.

Stan Smith, Founder, and CEO, Gradient AI, stated, “Guidewire is one of the most recognized platform providers in the insurance industry today and we are proud to be working with the company. As a part of the Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards program, we look forward to helping insurers improve underwriting and claim processes with our AI-power insurance solutions.”

Insurtech Vanguards community is a group of technology providers who bring out the startups and other tech providers in the P&C insurance industry. Being a part of this program, Guidewire will serve as a strategic advisor and proponent for all participants, and also bring P&C customers of Guidewire for them.

Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist, Guidewire, commented, “Gradient AI is an effective, innovative, and proven insurance solution providing insurers with the intelligence needed to significantly improve their efficiency and profitability in claims and underwriting operations. We are thrilled to welcome Gradient AI as part of our program so our mutual customers can harness the powerful benefits of AI and its competitive advantages in pricing, underwriting, and claims management.”

Insurers can now enhance underwriting and claim results with the help of the combined abilities of machine learning and the underwriting & claims dataset of Gradient AI. Gradient comes to a great help to insurers for the underwriting process, as it minimizes loss ratios, refines pricing accuracy, and allows to provide quotes in real-time. To enhance claim aspects, the company empowers claim managers to cut the cost and duration of claims.

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