InvoiceCLoud Partnered with Intellagents for e-Bill Payment

InvoiceCLoud Partnered with Intellagents for e-Bill Payment
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InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart offering for electronic bill payment solutions, has recently partnered with insurance software provider Intellagents, a FatBrain AI firm, to give insurance carriers and policyholders with superior billing and payments services.

The new collaborative approach provides customers with the exceptional customer experience they deserve while not taxing the insurance company’s limited internal resources. Across the industry, insurers are suffering from a lack of resources, particularly in terms of internal IT people and technology.

When a company joins Intellagents, it gains access to more than 60 integrations available in the market that can all be implemented using a single API, releasing the internal IT team from the burden of development. The interface between InvoiceCloud and Intellagents enables insurance firms to integrate InvoiceCloud’s inbound premium and outbound payments solution, as well as the choice of more than 60 different insurance technology tools available in the Intellagents marketplace, into their systems substantially faster and with a lot less resource usage.

Mark Stender, Founder of Intellagents, stated, “InvoiceCloud is a best-in-class electronic bill payment solution that complements dozens of other Insurtech and data providers in the Intellagents Insurance Ecosystem. Our no-code integration platform will expedite the onboarding of InvoiceCloud’s customers as we connect to a wide variety of billing, policy and claim platforms as well as legacy technologies both in the cloud and on premises. Carriers will quickly begin to benefit from InvoiceCloud’s superior client engagement and payment capabilities upon implementation.”

Digital transactions have become a crucial component of policyholder interaction since, according to a report by InvoiceCloud, 77% of policyholders paid their most recent insurance premium online. InvoiceCloud makes the transaction interfaces seamless by making usability easy and a wide range of payment choices. Due to the SaaS technology implemented by InvoiceCloud, the payments system upgrades regularly without interrupting with regular business processes or user experience, ensuring that policyholders always have access to the most recent payment capabilities and services.

Julie Schieni, Vice President of Insurance, InvoiceCloud, commented, “Partnering with Intellagents enables InvoiceCloud to help more insurance carriers, agents and their policyholders reap the benefits that come with digital transformation. Our rapid growth in the insurance industry demonstrates the importance of a simple and intuitive policyholder and claimant experience that drives customer satisfaction and the highest levels of digital adoption.”

InvoiceCloud enables users to manage payments to respective policyholders most quickly, either through phone, internet, SMS, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or conventional ways such as credit card and e-check. Policyholders can however arrange scheduled payments, and alerts, and enroll in AutoPay and Paperless Billing, which results in more timely payments, faster collections, and higher user experience.

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