Knox Wire and GlobeTopper Enters into $50 Million Global Payment Partnership

Knox Wire and GlobeTopper Enters into $50 Million Global Payment Partnership
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Knox Wire and GlobeTopper, a prepaid B2B gift card concierge company, recently announced a global payment partnership. The partnership will enable payout capabilities globally. GlobeTopper guides customers through the constantly changing world of digital payments. By giving their clients API access to a vast and constantly changing catalogue of brands from all over the world and a wide range of verticals, they assist their clients in expanding their businesses.

Knox Wire’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McCullah, said, “The partnership between Knox Wire and GlobeTopper is an exciting opportunity to allow both companies to provide better financial services globally in a dynamic digital payments environment.”

Knox Wire offers payment processing to nearly 30,000 financial institutions across 190 countries. Through Knox Wire’s real-time gross settlement system, payments are tracked in real-time across a global market to ensure prompt information exchange and payments.

Through this partnership, Zed Network will facilitate GlobeTopper’s same-day payouts in more than 190 countries. The addition of new providers and the expansion of available products will be made possible by Knox Wire’s payout system and currency exchange services.

GlobeTopper helps its clients maximize their value in the digital economy. GlobeTopper accepts USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD currency payments, making it a forerunner in the digital payments industry. The seamless operation of services is assured by GlobeTopper due to the timeous nature of payments. With Knox Wire, cross-border payments can be made with Swift while real-time gross settlements can be made using RTGS systems.

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