KOHO and Mastercard Partnered to Offer Better Customer Experience

KOHO and Mastercard Partnered to Offer Better Customer Experience
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KOHO Financial Inc., and Mastercard come into collaboration to provide better service and a complete enhanced customer experience to its clients. KOHO with its mission to offer better financial solutions to all Canadians, will move one step forward with this collaboration. The collaboration will enable users access improved service accompanied with flexible, fast, and easy payments and get a greater level of improved customer experience.

Daniel Eberhard, CEO and Founder, KOHO Financial Inc, stated, “Our goal for KOHO is simple: we want to make the lives of Canadians easier by giving them better ways to spend and manage their money. Our partnership with Mastercard will help us hugely along that journey, by providing a new and improved solution to spending that will still offer all the same benefits our customers have grown to know and love.”

With the launch of the KOHO Mastercard, Canadians will be able to access improved financial solutions to meet their everyday spending requirements. There are multiple reasons why over 650,000 Canadians have already signed up with the firm, and the new KOHO Mastercard is another to add to the list. It has all the similar features KOHO consumer have been using, such as no fees, high-interest rates, and cash back, a Credit Building feature, and smart ways for users to make the most of their money. The KOHO card will be wide spreading it boundaries and can now be accepted across over 24 million locations in more than 210 countries.

Sasha Krstic, President of Mastercard, Canada, commented, “Canadians have diverse needs and expectations about their experiences with brands, especially now with our lives being more digital than ever. We’re thrilled to partner with KOHO to offer a solution that meets and exceeds the growing needs of Canadians to use their money where or how they want.”

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