Kredinor and Neonomics Teamed to Amplify Debt Management Services

Kredinor and Neonomics Teamed to Amplify Debt Management Services
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Kredinor a Norway-located financial service provider brings payment follow-up, profitable customer insights, and faster payment solutions to consumers. It also believes in making a long-standing relationship with clients and customers. Kredinor works to render a good customer experience to both the client and the end customer.

The Norwegian debt management services provider teamed up with Neonomics to offer more effective financial data services, chiefly debt management services and payments through an open banking system. Kredinor will enable end-users to directly carry out payments from the security of their bank accounts easily and appropriately.

Klaus Anders Nysteen, CEO, Kredinor, stated, “At Kredinor, customers and their needs are our most important priority. We at Kredinor know the debt collection craft, but that alone is not enough. That’s why we need partners like Neonomics, who can develop innovative solutions that deliver on our customer’s needs before they themselves know they need it. Simplification around payments is one of the most important things we can prioritize, and Neonomics is known for having one of the most robust API platforms for banks in the Nordic.”

Neonomics also a Norway-based financial solution provider that aims at providing the next-gen of payments and financial services across Europe via one unified API (application programming interface). It has a varied range of services apart from payment such as Account Insights, Account Verification, Account Data, and Checkout that allow consumers have a next-level experience.

Christoffer Andvig, CEO, Neonomics, included “We are proud to work closely with Kredinor to make account-to-account payments the de-facto choice in the debt collections space. By creating much more efficient payments both concerning cost and user experience, we remove some of the unnecessary friction, enabling more streamlined and effective customer interactions for Kredinor and their customers. By embedding financial services, we create dynamic ways of enhancing customer experiences at a fraction of the cost, which is a win for customers and users alike.”

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