LexisNexis Solutions formed Alliance with Coadjute

LexisNexis Solutions formed Alliance with Coadjute
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LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, a pioneering provider of optimized legal service delivery, has formed an alliance with Coadjute, a blockchain network for the property market. Coadjute has been altering the pace of buying homes and properties with its solutions. The Coadjute network, which was introduced to the market in July of last year with the goal of enhancing the property purchase process throughout the UK, has undergone a substantial evolution because of this momentous collaboration.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional offers customers legal, regulatory, and commercial information and analytics that help them work more productively, make better decisions, get better results, and advance the rule of law globally.

Simon Farthing, Commercial and Marketing Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, commented, “As a market-leading provider of technology to the property sector, it is vital we innovate to remain at the forefront of the legal industry, so we are delighted to have established an exciting strategic alliance with Coadjute. Together, we will strive to accelerate the digitization of the property market to ensure a smoother transaction process through interactive online engagement, fewer staged touchpoints and greater efficiency from the conveyancing process. The days of a partially digitized property transaction process are numbered, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Coadjute and leveraging our combined deep experience and capability to transform the way in which Conveyancing services are delivered.” 

Across both organizations striving to enhance the effectiveness and results of the property transaction, the chance to combine the best practices in automation and process optimization with the blockchain’s underpinning infrastructure has the real potential to revolutionize the way that property purchases and sales are carried out.

Dan Salmons, Chief Executive Officer, Coadjute, stated, “We couldn’t be more delighted to be partnering with LexisNexis. They have always been at the forefront of digital transformation, helping conveyancing firms to digitize and transform internal operations to optimize the service they provide to consumers. The potential of this relationship is huge, and not just for LexisNexis customers, but also for the wider impact it will have on the digitization of the property market.” 

The real-time infrastructure of Coadjute aids in accelerating real estate transactions. It is a digital network designed to deliver a synchronized perspective from beginning to end and to seamlessly connect the real estate industry.

To benefit from a totally digital segment, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions will be capable of connecting to the Coadjute Network and empowering clients to bring interest in next-generation multi-party digital processes that span various systems and organizations.


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