Lynk Launches Pay by Bank on its Payment Platform  

Lynk Launches Pay by Bank on its Payment Platform  
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Lynk, a leading payment solution offering merchants a secure alternative to expensive credit card processing fees while powering customer loyalty program payment platform, has announced the addition of Pay by Bank to its platform. This new feature will allow customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts, providing a convenient and secure option for online transactions. This eliminates the need for customers to enter their credit or debit card information, reducing the risk of fraud and making online transactions more secure. 

With Pay by Bank, customers will be able to make payments directly from their bank accounts, without having to provide their card details. This will provide a more secure and convenient option for online transactions, as customers will not have to worry about their card information being compromised. In addition to the added security, Pay by Bank also offers a seamless checkout experience for customers. The process is quick and easy, allowing customers to complete their purchases in just a few clicks. 

Lynk is committed to providing its customers with the best possible experience, and the addition of Pay by Bank is a testament to this commitment. The company is constantly working to improve its platform and provide its customers with the latest and most innovative payment options. The Pay by Bank feature is now available on Lynk’s website and mobile app. Customers can easily activate this feature by linking their bank account to their Lynk account.  

“Credit cards are one of the most expensive means of payment for businesses, especially in today’s high inflation environment in which issuers are raising fees, and fraud and chargebacks continue to increase at alarming rates. In many cases, these costs are passed onto the consumer. Our Pay by Bank feature is designed to help retailers, especially smaller businesses, significantly reduce their processing fees while providing a more secure environment from which to receive payments that can be accessed immediately”, said Nabi Awada, Founder and CEO, Lynk.  

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