Metallicus Expands its Product Range in Europe with Metal Pay

Metallicus Expands its Product Range in Europe with Metal Pay
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Metallicus a global platform for easy buying, selling, and trading crypto allows its users to pay instantly using their linked bank accounts, cash balance, or by sending cryptocurrency. Metal aims at making MTL for everyday use and allows its customers to cash the opportunities and see your payment tree growing.

Marshall Hayner, Co-Founder and CEO, Metallicus, stated, “We have been hearing from people across Europe that they wanted us to put Metal Pay into their hands, and I’m thrilled to announce we’ve done it. We believe ease of use, security and compliance vastly increase the everyday utility of digital assets and unlock the transformative potential of these technologies for everyone from consumers to FinTechs and financial institutions.”

Recently it announced that it will be expanding its product range throughout the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) with its flagship products Metal Pay and Proton. Metal Pay is a simple and free financial app with high-level security that allows its user to buy and sell more than 65 cryptos and link them directly with their cash balance. The user funds of the app in the USA are insured by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and across Europe, the insurance will be provided by an EEA-authorised credit institution.

Benedikt Goetz, General Manager, Europe, Metallicus, commented, “The EU is home to numerous FinTech SMEs that need to be future-ready. With incoming EU identity verification requirements, Metallicus has the solutions to enable safe, compliant and secure transactions.”

Metal Pay Key Features in Europe comprise-

  • Buy and sell crypto, pay bills, and direct deposit paychecks.
  • No fees on USDC purchases.
  • Cash Wallets that have unique account/routing numbers.
  • Services are powered by a VASP license in Estonia and an EMI license in Lithuania.
  • E-money of users will stay safeguarded in an EEA-authorised credit institution or the Bank of Lithuania.

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