MLTPLY Launched Proxima, an InsurTech Startup

MLTPLY Launched Proxima, an InsurTech Startup
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MLTPLY, an InsurTech provider has launched its new startup Proxima, an InsurTech organization that will provide customized ability, and technology for the insurance industry.

Proxima offers insurance organizations with software to build and maintain complex InsurTech projects, and other operations hubs staffed with expertise to offer thorough back-office support. It is founded by innovative and expert InsurTech leaders. Proxima assists insurers in staffing and expanding their IT, customer service, sales, underwriting, and claims capabilities through operations hubs in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Quito, Ecuador.

Camilo Cruz, Founder & CEO of Proxima, stated, “When I set out to build Unit, one of the first full-stack InsurTechs in Latin America, we had to build comprehensive solutions tailored for the insurance industry because they just didn’t exist. On the one hand, you have many technology vendors with no insurance experience, and on the other, you have insurance specialists with limited breadth. In customer service and operations, traditional insurers don’t typically execute as quickly as InsurTechs, but InsurTech startups may not be able to absorb the demand of traditional insurers.”

Proxima’s innovation and expertise bring customers in the insurance sector closer together. By delivering staff augmentation resources in the underwriting and technology verticals, the company is already generating value for its customers in Latin America and the United States. Beginning in early 2023, Proxima will offer the following solutions and benefits to customers:

• Self-service tools for claims operations backed up by highly qualified professional personnel.

• Data collecting and analysis to increase quote efficiency and underwriting effectiveness.

• Sales support that is efficient and cost-effective to accelerate growth.

• A whole team of technologists is ready to build, enhance, and accelerate technology delivery.

Proxima is a recognized, innovative service provider for insurance carriers that can complete and expedite important roles to bring the value of InsurTech without the risk and price of a startup. Proxima assists developing InsurTech companies by deploying a cost-effective package of services required to enhance capacity, add value and expertise, and operate efficiently and compliantly.

Gloria Guntinas, CEO of MLTPLY, said, “Our investment in Proxima fully aligns with our strategy to empower talented InsurTech entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market quickly and reduce the cost of sales and service operations. This partnership also allows MLTPLY to expand our footprint into Latin America where extraordinary talent is already yielding impressive results for the insurance sector. We’re excited to be working with Camilo, a proven InsurTech leader and results-driven operations executive, and his outstanding team.”

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