MSU Federal Credit and Nymbus to Join Forces to launch AlumniFi

MSU Federal Credit and Nymbus to Join Forces to launch AlumniFi
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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) has opted for Nymbus, a banking technology service provider to introduce and expand its latest digital brand, AlumniFi.

MSUFCU, the 42nd biggest credit union in the United States which is one of the world’s largest university-based credit unions, has a nationwide strong brand value, that has contributed to its $6.7 billion in assets. MSUFCU selected Nymbus to assist fully accessible this potential market by assisting cutting-edge products or services targeted to satisfy the financial requirement of MSU and other Michigan-based college and university alumni, with the intention of continuous expansion through attracting potential groups of members.

April Clobes, President, and CEO, MSUFCU, stated, “MSUFCU established our own ‘Lab’ two years ago to drive innovation forward internally and explore new opportunities for growth. One of our long-time goals with this has been to stand up a subsidiary digital brand targeting MSU alumni, whose financial needs and habits match our digital offerings. We have spoken and collaborated with hundreds of innovative fintechs and startups through our CUSO, the Reseda Group. The Nymbus approach was unlike any other we have seen. We’re thrilled to have them bring our concept to life with the combined skilled services and transformational technology only Nymbus provides for launching a new digital brand quickly and effectively.”

Nymbus unifies the necessary requirements to develop and run a full-fledged digital bank that is prepared to succeed from day one. Its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) concept eliminates the requirement for a fundamental transformation and the hiring of skilled staff. Through deliberate marketing and extensive analytics, the Nymbus Labs support staff drives marketing efforts even further. Client organizations will be capable of providing efficient systems based on speed, adaptability, and significant development because of this relationship.

Jeffery Kendall, Chairman, CEO, Nymbus, commented, “To support a growth model that prioritizes exceptional experiences for a specific niche of customers, financial institutions need partners that prioritize intentional innovation and can move at the speed of impactful change. We value the confidence that MSUFCU has placed in Nymbus for building truly differentiating financial products that will soon be serving the unique banking needs of this significant niche segment of alumni members.”

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