Muse Finance Introduces a New Business Finance Solution

Muse Finance Introduces a New Versatile Invoice Solution
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Muse Finance a London-based business finance company connects the top accounting software to bring real-time visualizations of that data. Its technology integrates into cloud accounting software to offer free 30, 60, and 90-day cash flow predictions and a single view of all credit cards and business bank accounts.

Muse announced the launch of its new solution that has the combined strengths of invoice finance and supply finance to help enterprises pay foreign suppliers while unlocking cash stuck in their pending invoices. Muse created its business finance product seeing amplifying demand for an extension to working capital in the UK. 

Ann Marie Juliano, Founder & CEO, Muse Finance, stated, “Our new combined supply and invoice finance solution will help our customers seeking fast access to funds to continue to grow their business whilst alleviating the cash flow pressures that they often face. By facilitating the fast access to funds for businesses and their suppliers, we hope to help improve their relationships with their partners and streamline their business operations.”

The combination of Invoice and Supply Finance enables customers to remove the requirement to take an additional debt through a company credit or business overdraft to meet repayments. Customers can monitor their cash flow and also see the fund availability to their business, helping them better predict future work.

David Hill, Director of Ringside Boxing Ltd, commented, “With supply chains getting longer and longer in the wake of Brexit and the pandemic, maintaining the financial stability of our business, but also ensuring our suppliers are paid on time is of paramount importance. Muse Finance’s Supply & Invoice Finance facility has helped us do just that, allowing us to make an order which has helped to grow our business, but with accessible repayment terms. We’re thankful for the increased flexibility that Muse has given our business, as well as the high level of service the team has provided when using the product.”

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