NCR Announced Strategic Partnership with Bank of New Zealand

NCR Announced Strategic Partnership with Bank of New Zealand
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NCR Corporation, a software- and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail and hospitality industries, announced collaboration with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ). As part of BNZ’s digital transformation, it will manage the bank’s fleet of ATMs using its dependable NCR ATM as a Service solution.

To engage with customers anywhere and at any point of time, NCR assists financial institutions in bridging digital and physical operations. NCR streamlines and improves banking experiences for both clients and staff through innovative solutions. It offers customers a connection to the larger enterprise and fintech ecosystem as well as a cutting-edge and effective end-to-end infrastructure for self-directed banking.

Frank Hauck, President and General Manager, NCR Banking, stated, “Financial institutions across the globe are looking to strategic partners like NCR to manage and provide ATM networks. Our partnership with BNZ has spanned more than a half-century and this latest expansion is a testament to our ongoing, best-in-class customer service and evolution toward helping run the self-directed bank.”

NCR has long offered BNZ with support services and has become a reliable partner offering end-to-end ATM support through NCR Managed Services. In the most recent development of the agreement, NCR will own and manage the bank’s fleet of off-site, cash-dispense ATMs as well as BNZ’s on-site fleet of NCR SelfServTM ATMs. By utilizing NCR’s digital-first technology platform, BNZ will improve self-service banking and give its clients access to transactional services around-the-clock.

Nick Grieve, BNZ General Manager, Colleague Enablement, commented, “NCR has been a key part of how we deliver our ATM services to our customers across the country, and their expertise in this area makes them the natural choice to partner for the next phase of our ATM program. With NCR, we are confident our customers will continue to have an exceptional ATM experience.”

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