Netcetera joins CLOWD9 to curb payment frauds

Netcetera joins CLOWD9 to curb payment frauds
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The first decentralized and cloud-native payments processing platform in the world, CLOWD9, has teamed with Netcetera, a leading provider of secure and practical digital payment services, as its payment security provider. CLOWD9 will use its Access Control Server (ACS) and 3-D Secure Issuer services to authenticate transactions.

Over 200 banks and card companies employ Netcetera’s 3-D secure issuer solution, which is multi-client enabled and has a cutting-edge Access Control Server at its core. The company’s 3-D secure issuer solution complies with EMV 3DS regulations and is an EMVCo-authorised solution. The 3D secure issuer is designed to process payments quickly and securely. The technology offers the cardholder a frictionless experience while lowering the risk of non-authenticated transactions, related refunds, and lost revenue from a security standpoint.

As an issuer service, CLOWD9 serves as the link between banks, fintech, and payment companies to authorize transactions, originate payments, maintain the database for cardholder information, and offer settlement instructions. It occupies a vital position in the worldwide payments system. CLOWD9 will be able to provide its clients with a solution which consists of a full suite of capabilities for seamless payments to enhance cardholders’ purchasing experiences. CLOWD9 has done away with the requirement for physical hardware by becoming cloud-based. Through “instances,” its decentralized concept enables virtual access to its platform anywhere in the world. Payment transactions are then forwarded to the closest cloud instance, offering unmatched reliability. Every continent already has a CLOWD9 instance.

Suresh Vaghjiani, CLOWD9 CEO & Co-Founder commented, “As a new firm operating at the cutting edge of payments technology, it is important for us to work with partners who equally value innovation. We have built a platform at CLOWD9 that improves both the efficiency and reliability of global payments by leveraging new technology. We recognize Netcetera as future-oriented solutions provider that is able to meet our unique requirements as a cloud-native payments processor.”

The technology behind the CLOWD9 platform was developed in-house, and it includes open APIs that fintech companies and neobanks can utilise to provide their customers with ground-breaking customer experiences. In contrast to historical architecture, CLOWD9’s platform is uniquely constructed using a microservices architecture that allows it to scale up and down in response to transactional demand.

“We are delighted to partner with CLOWD9 especially during this crucial period of their business growth,” said Robert Misking , Netcetera UK Senior Business Executive. “We believe that bringing our leading 3-D Secure and Access Control Server (ACS) services for issuers will help to drive the adoption of 3DS, significantly improve the overall security of their online transactions and lead to a more efficient and frictionless experience ultimately for their end users.”

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