NeteraPay Delivers Simplified KYC Process by Partnering with Nordigen 

NeteraPay Delivers Simplified KYC Process by Partnering with Nordigen 
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Payment service provider and electronic money issuer, NeteraPay, and free open banking API solution provider Nordigen have partnered to enhance the know you client(KYC) process. The partnership will enable NeteraPay to enhance its customer satisfaction in various industries including management of payment accounts of fintech firms, e-wallet payments, automation of wire transfers, etc. They also aim at delivering, a quicker, safer, and easier online transaction for their clients. 

Vladimír Dvořák, co-founder, and CEO of NeteraPay said, “At NeteraPay we prioritize security, comfort, and speed. We are continuously modernizing our services to keep up with trends and to meet our client’s needs. When the decision was made to enhance our KYC processes, we looked into open banking and selected Nordigen as our partner. With their help, we are able to accelerate and automate the procedure by tapping into their API bank connections. The integration was seamless and we are pleased with the current results.” 

An additional verification service for open banking is delivered through the partnership between NeteraPay and Nordigen which enables enhancing the customer authentication process through automation. The company will be able to carry out various tasks such as KYC checks, customer identification, and developing risk and financial profiles by directly connecting with clients’ bank accounts. 

Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen stated, “We are thrilled to be NeteraPay’s choice when it comes to open banking. Financial services are evolving quickly, and both companies and clients are now prioritizing more efficient and digitized solutions that do not compromise on safety. Open banking enables real-time customer authentication, making the process easier for both sides.” 

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