Nium brings Real-Time Payment Solutions to Malaysia

Nium brings Real-Time Payment Solutions to Malaysia
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Nium, a leading global embedded fintech company unveiled that its real time payment solutions will be available in Malaysia. With this step, the modern money movement provider will be able to boost its real-time payment throughout the world as well. The fintech organization runs 75% of global real-time transactions that includes the processing activities of Malaysia as well. As such Nium caters top 100 real-time payment countries in this sector. Nium has enabled payment providers, financial institutions, and banks to use card issuance and global payment services using one API. The modular platform of Nium also allows for pay-ins, pay-outs, banking-as-a-service and card issuance.

Pratik Gandhi, COO and Co-Founder, Nium, stated, “More countries are turning to Nium to bring their legacy systems into the modern age. We enable money to move around the world – instantly, easily, and securely – while helping businesses position themselves for more opportunities in the digital future.”

Nium is all set to help companies and firms globally by efficiently managing their liquidity, boosting quick payments for them, fulfilling promises to their consumers, and thus helping them expand across the world by making real-time payment in Malaysia and other business countries.

Nium is now capable of enrolling licensed business of all sizes as it has been granted an expanded license in Malaysia. These organizations include PSPs and financial institutions with higher outbound limits of MYR6,000,000 per day max.

Nium is granted the “International Remittance Hub” (IRH) license that the centra bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issues, and with this this license, the fintech company will have in-market abilities that comprise Pay Out services. These services will be available in over 190 countries, with more than 100 countries in technology, compliance cost savings and real-time and local currency settlement.

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