Nous Systems Launches Nous Fund, Its Decentralised Hedge Fund

Nous Systems Launches Nous Fund, Its Decentralised Hedge Fund
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Nous Fund, the pivotal decentralised investment platform of Nous System is now operational. The platform is live on the Polygon Network. Nous Fund being the first decentralised hedge fund of the world has been built on blockchain technology that enables investors to pile their non-fungible contracts. It also allows investors to enter on-chain decentralised asset management vehicle based on the Ethereum-based Polygon platform of Nous.

Tom Stuart, CEO, Nous Systems, said, “We are very excited to finally announce the launch of Nous Fund, which is not only a pivotal moment for this company but also for the financial services industry. In the past, asset management has been far too exclusive, accessible primarily only to those with significant wealth, and so the launch of Nous Fund represents the beginning of a new era of financial services for the 99%, attainable for anyone with as little as $100. We look forward to carrying on our mission to widen access to great financial tools and look forward to sharing many more products with our community in years to come.” 

The successful launch of Nous Fund comes along with the enrolment and integration of Chainlink Keepers on the ecosystem of Nous to allow the automation of smart contracts. This launch will enable Nous System to democratise the asset management space by offering a wide range of product development that would suit the requirements of all sorts of investors.

Kristijan Zivcec, CTO, Nous Systems, included, “Blockchain technology enables us for the first time to create a decentralised asset management platform which doesn’t discriminate against any individual. This next generation of asset-management technology is characterised by its ability to ensure secure, reliable, and cost-efficient transactions. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to announce the adoption and successful integration of Chainlink technology into the Fund.”

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