Oradian Collaborated with FairMoney to Enhance Growth

Oradian and FairMoney Collaborated to Enhance Service Innovation and Growth
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Oradian, a cloud core banking service provider has collaborated with a credit-led mobile banking provider FairMoney. This alliance is to enhance FairMoney’s service innovation and growth.

Oradian is selected by FairMoney for three motives- Oradian’s capability to integrate services to industry challenges into their design. Their capability to encourage increasing business of FairMoney, product innovation, and credit assessment facility. Lastly their ‘plug and play’ nature needs less investment from the core backend.

Antonio Separovic, CEO of Oradian, stated, “To be able to innovate quickly, with products that the market requires, while being compliant with changing regulations in very different markets, takes a different breed of core system. All of these are real, daily challenges in the back-office, not seen by the customers and often taken for granted. However, we know through working with a broad range of financial customers, those challenges are very real, and in some cases, insurmountable without the right technology and an expert partner.”

Oradian serves a huge number of banking customers and provides services to banks, tech lenders, and other fintech in various countries across Asia and Africa. Its solutions provide the customers ability to deal with their bank accounts, make transactions, and investments, and have access to other financing services which are customized as per the constantly changing market requirements.

Laurin Hainy, CEO of FairMoney, commented, “Our ultimate goal remains bridging the financial inclusion gap in emerging economies, and we understand the power of collaboration and partnerships in bringing this to reality. Since the inception of FairMoney, we have continued to serve our current markets with excellent financial products, providing the much-needed access to credit and making essential banking services available to everyday people. We decided to partner with Oradian to leverage the already existing infrastructure and trusted system performance to scale our solutions to new markets where they are needed and perfect existing offerings in our current markets.”

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