Pathway Homes and Credit Saint Collaborate to Assist Clients in Improving their Credit Standing

Pathway Homes and Credit Saint Collaborate to Assist Clients in Improving their Credit Standing
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Pathway Homes, a real estate platform with the goal of increasing homeownership, recently announced a partnership with Credit Saint, one of the top credit restoration businesses. As a result of this collaboration, Pathway will offer its clients monthly discounts on Credit Saint’s services, a free consultation, and a first-time work fee waiver for Credit Saint’s services to help them maintain good credit and move closer to becoming homeowners.

K.C. Cleary, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Pathway Homes, said, “A good credit score is one of the many barriers we see our customers face when trying to purchase a home. At Pathway, we are committed to supporting our customers on their path to homeownership. By partnering with Credit Saint, we are excited to help customers improve their overall financial literacy by staying up-to-date with their credit score and credit health, which is vital to making homeownership attainable.”

One of the most important indicators of someone’s readiness for homeownership is their credit score, which is adversely affected by late or skipped loan and bill payments. Additionally, a lot of Americans lack the financial literacy tools needed to understand how to build good credit and maintain sound credit habits, which makes it challenging for customers to maximize their credit to get a mortgage and become homeowners. Through this partnership, Pathway customers will be able to work on raising their credit scores and eventually benefit from lower interest rates on future mortgages.

Ross LaPietra, CEO of Credit Saint, said, “Our partnership with Pathway dovetails perfectly with our own mission of helping consumers to gain control of their overall financial lives. We look forward to accelerating both Pathway’s growth, and the acquisition of homes for its users held back by inaccuracies in their credit histories.”

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